Monday, December 3, 2012

My Family xoxo

Sunday was a chillax day... We went to church, Brendan and Chris volunteered and did the church recycling, and I took Addie to a birthday party at Pump-It-Up- where she sat at a table full of boys while her girl classmates sat at another table... Hmmm little Missy! 
After that, we attempted to get Christmas card pictures... We got some adorable picture of the kids... but let's just say my Dad might need work on his camera taking skills- we either had a house in the picture, a head was cut out, ya or I looked like a heifer... so we'll try again.:) 

 Oh- and ya see this little monkey.,.,. Last night Addie woke me up at 3am... I just happened to notice a light coming from Chris's room.. BUSTED... he was awake playing video games.  He claimed he couldn't sleep- but he knew he was in deep doo doo- He hopped in his bed soooo fast and I could see the look of fear in his eyes...  Let's just say he was warned and if we ever catch him doing that again he loses his xbox in his room!  LITTLE STINKER... Oh- but he is really growing up- He was reading tonight and I couldn't believe how well...  It's crazy how fast these kids learn!