Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Graduation Addiison!!!

Our sweet Addison graduated preschool.  It was so bittersweet- We've been at Leesburg United Methodist Preschool for the past four years and the kids have loved it!  Addie is such a Mama's girl, but she is soooo ready for Kindergarten!  The director even said in front of a group of people, "And Addie, I know that you will be the smartest kid in your Kindergarten class."  Being Addie's mom is such a joy- I know I will eat my words during her teens, but she has truly just been the easiest kid to parent.  She's sweet, picks anything up that she tries, and is just good...

She led the class out for the graduation ceremony...
 Kissing Papa
 Pure joy!
 With her boyfriend Sweet Gavin... Yes, she made the first move with her arm around him.:)
 With her Daddy:)
 Mama's girl